Wednesday, 2 March 2016

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I feel delighted to inform you that Drescodes now has a separate page for Blogs on Fashion and Shopping! 

"Fashion has been a part of human civilizations since time immemorial. Cleopatra, the great Egyptian Pharaoh, is mentioned and studied, not only for her administration but also, for her vibrant style. Queen Victoria is known to have set many trends back then, some of which are still popular- like the fitting bodice and flounced skirt, colourful hats and white wedding gowns. Fictional characters have also set many everlasting trends. Some famous stylish fictional characters are Don Draper (of Mad Men), James Bond (of James Bond), Bruce Wayne (of Batman), all the characters of X-Men, Carrie Bradshaw (of Sex and the City), Serena van der Woodsen (of Gossip Girl), Emily Thorne (of Revenge), Hanna Marin (ofPretty Little Liars), Wilhemina Slater (of Ugly Betty)..and so many more. My style icon is also a fictional character- one of the female leads of “Gossip Girl”- Blair Waldorf aka “Queen B” or just B."

Read the blog on Queen B to know more about Blair's dressing style and where to shop from. Thanks to Drescodes, you will not have that problem. Feel like shopping? You can search for TRENDY TOPSPERKY PANTS and  FINEST ONE PIECE on and know exactly where to shop!

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Thursday, 28 January 2016

Shop Like A BOSS Under Rs 500

We all know that during this time of inflation where the prices are soaring high, it makes us sad to look at the clothes for which we do not like shelling out much money. When you have a party to attend and it is the “end of the month”, that’s when your budget shrinks. Bandra is known for affordable clothes and accessories.  But does that mean they make you look like a fashion pariah? The answer is no, because Bandra is also famous for having the latest trends- if it is trending in Bolloywood, it is trending in the Bandra markets! So here is a list of 8 stores in Bandra where you will find stylish clothes within 500:

HUESII has a varied collection of casual Tees and fancy Tops for women, while HUES has a vast collection of fancy t-shirts, shirts and jackets for men.

Source |
STUDZ and CASH AND CARRY are two stores that have affordable items in jeans- pants, jackets, etc.

Source |
Well, with all the fitness frenzy going around, we have to mention JACKSON CASUALS. Starting from jerseys and track pants to various sports accessories, this store has it all!

Yes, there are affordable stores for kids too!
TARGET has amazing imported clothes for both boys and girls. HUES KIDZ is famous for trendy party wear for kids.

For all kinds of western clothes for men, visit JAM COLLECTIONS. You name it and they have it- Shirts, T-shirts, Jeans, Shorts, Boxers, Jerseys, Track pants, Pajamas, Cargos, etc! DENIM WORLD is known for Women’s Western Wear. It has tops, pants, jeans, tees, shrugs, jackets, etc.


That pretty top or yummy shawarma? Here’s the good news- you don’t have to choose between food and clothes. Now you can shop happily and eat immensely in Bandra! So next time you go to there with your friends do check these stores out! And don’t forget to give your reviews.


Drescodes gives you a unique type of category (or “collection”) of POCKET FRIENDLY that lists stores that fall within your budget. If you have got some additional tips or you want to just say “hi”, mail us on Follow our website  for more updates on shopping and fashion.
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Thursday, 21 January 2016

Every Dress Has A Stor(e)y

We went to shop for a simple thing- a top as a birthday present for a friend but the ordeal that followed was tiring. It seemed like we looked at all the wrong stores! Some did not have the kind of clothes we wanted, some did not have the desired size and others were just not in our budget. Then it struck us- there is no way to know all these things without actually visiting the stores (which usually means getting exhausted and disappointed)…You think online shopping is a good alternative? In my opinion, online shopping is totally overrated- clothes should be bought after touching and feeling the cloth, after trying different pieces and posing in them… So here we are, with a solution-

The main reason behind the online shopping hype is offers. Online shopping websites tell customers about various offers and discounts. But what if you get such updates directly from local stores? What if you get to compare the collection and price range of different stores? What if you get authentic reviews and ratings from other enthusiastic shoppers with similar interests?


Well, these things are not far from your reach. is a fashion store discovery portal that lists fashion stores across Mumbai (along with Thane and Navi Mumbai). Store Profile includes store name, address, phone number, collection (styles available), best-selling items, price range, added benefits and images. With these static details, we also provide dynamic information from both stores and users- updates regarding renewed stock, offers and discounts from stores; and personal reviews and ratings from fellow-users.

The Drescodes Way

We understand that these are not the only factors, hence we have advanced filters for location (your preferred location), price range (because afterall, money is an important factor) and styles (men’s, women’s, kids’, traditional, party, etc.)

As a User, you may inquire from store-staff, subscribe to stores (for updates), interact with other users and give your own valuable opinions.

Our Drescodes Team believes in constant improvement, hence your opinions matter. Mail us on for suggestions, queries and blog submission. If you are a Fashion Diva, then you must write for!

Appropriately, our motto is- Every dress has a Stor(e)y and we help you find it.

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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Desi Girl

Saree is almost synonymous with Indian women. This 5-9 yard long piece of cloth has been mentioned in ancient texts like Mahabharata, Kadambari and Natya Shastra. Sculptures and statues from Indus Valley Civilization, Gandhara and Mathura also have early versions of this garment. Although the saree was initially worn as it is, that is, without a blouse, in today’s time the blouse itself is a fashion statement!

Depiction of Saree in Mahabharata | Source

Being a Bengali, I’ve been wearing sarees since childhood. Weddings, Saraswati Pujas, Durga Pujas and even other family functions had us girls clad in sarees. Personally I love wearing them, they made me feel like a grown up when I was a child and now I find them accentuating my body type.

Innumerable bollywood songs have been dedicated to sarees, their beauty and desi-ness. Sarees have seen “bad publicity” too. Many controversies have revolved around sarees (or lack of them)!

When we think Indian wedding, we imagine brides wearing red sarees with brilliant zardosi work. Nevertheless now the design, fabric and even the colour (pink, orange, maroon, brown, yellow, blue and green) are seeing various modern modifications. Sarees are also bought in bulk during weddings as they are the gift of choice, given to all close female relatives. In Mumbai, Dadar Market is the hub for wholesale sarees. Simple to gaudy, traditional to modern- all kinds are available here! VALKAL NX  is a store that sells sarees at wholesale prices.

Here are some sarees that have gained popularity in recent times:


Silk industry is one of the oldest industries in India. Naturally, there are many creations that have silk as the base fabric material. Various regions across the country have their native type of silk sarees. Some traditional silk sarees are- Kanjeevaram sarees (Tamil Nadu), Banarasi sarees (Varanasi), Mysore silk sarees (Mysore), Paithani sarees (Maharashtra), Baluchari sarees (West Bengal), Pochampally Ikat sarees (Telangana), Chanderi sarees (Madhya Pradesh).

Silk Sarees at dispaly | Source

In Mumbai, these are some stores that have a delightful collection of silk sarees:
PAARTHVI, Malad West
VAMA SILKS, Dadar T.T. Circle
PANNALI, Dadar East


These have gained popularity amongst the youth in recent times. Weddings and even college functions almost appear like designer saree fashion shows, isn’t it? But what can I say? The zari work, the crystals (yes expensive crystal studded sarees are also available), sexy net designs and chiffons look stunning!

RAJKAMAL, Malad West
ELLA, Vile Parle West


Native to Rajasthan and Gujarat, this is a type of tie and dye textile decoration. It is a skilled process that requires many techniques. Yellow, red, blue, green and black are the colours that are used predominantly and have a great demand because of its casual look. PURPLE BHANDHNI is a store located in Malad West that is famous for its vast collection in bandhani sarees.

Bandhani Sarees | Source


Banarasi Sarees are one of the finest sarees, known for their beautiful gold, silver and zari work. They are often a part of bridal attire and wedding wear. Colours vary from plain and pastel to bright and dark ones. They are visually appealing and pretty expensive but in my opinion, totally worth the amount! VIVAAHA (Malad West) and PRATIP STORES (Lalbaug) are known for their Banarasi Saree collection.


It is a silk saree, characterized by oblique square designs and pallu with peacock design. These are available in vibrant colours. Having stayed in Maharashtra for more than a decade, this hand woven silk saree is one of my favourite! If you are looking for a paithani, you must visit PANNALI (Dadar East).


Kerala is a vacation hotspot and almost everyone who visits Kerala buys one of these (including me). It is a cultural attire that is a variation of the mundum neriyathum. They have been depicted in the famous paintings by Raja Ravi Verma. Kerala Saree has a sober look with the plain white base and golden border. This is a piece that should be a part your wardrobe.

Pallu of a Kerala Sari | Source


It is a unique hand weaving technique that is native to Dhaka, Bangladesh. Traditionally in cotton, they are also available in silk. Dhakai saree designs range from abstract shapes to even plants and stars! If you love collecting sarees, you must have at least one of these.

Dhakai Saree in Silk | Source

Our favourite desi celebrities have started wearing sarees to International Fashion Events. Foreigners who visit India seem to love this attire and Indians who reside elsewhere always carry a dozen of sarees. Well, I am sure everyone will agree that there is something really attractive about this ancient (yet evolving) piece of cloth. Whether you are short or tall, plump or thin, fair or dusky, a saree will always give an elegant yet sexy look.

Priyanka Chopra in "Desi Girl" | Source

Check out the collection of TRADITIONAL TRAITS to know more about stores that have amazing traditional attires in Mumbai! If you have got some additional tips or you want to just say “hi”, mail us on Follow our website for more updates on shopping and fashion.

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Saturday, 19 December 2015

Welcome the New Year

 2015 is almost over. Is it just me, or did the year really fly by too soon? Everyone has different ways of welcoming the new year- some party with friends, some chill with family, some go on trips and some just like spending it alone at home. Nevertheless, I am sure everyone will agree that New Year eve is synonymous with party. Here are a few things that you must have to look fabulous at a party:

Is there any better way to flaunt your figure than a dress? Stores keep fresh stock of short dresses and gowns during this time. Although LBDs are a favourite, colourful dresses look different and very appealing. Try some new styles, step out of your comfort zone! Some quick information about popular dresses- Sheath dress (hides the chubby tummy), A-line dress (for every body type), Peplum dress (for broad shouldered girls), Flared dress (totally chic) and Lace dress (super sexy).

Dresses are not mandatory for parties. Trendy tops, if paired with the right accessories and bottoms (skirts, pants and even trousers), look attractive! Some types of tops that you should consider for a party are- strappy, layered, tube, lacy and crop tops. Cut-outs and sequins look classy as well as sexy. Add some sparkle to your look!

Source | Showered in Glitter

Yes, it is somewhat clich├ęd to wear animal print but what can I say, it is the most popular party wear pattern! Not only animal print tops and accessories, pants and skirts of this pattern are trending too! This looks sensual and appealing.

Source |

None of the attires look complete without the right accessories. Wear funky earrings, sultry heels, cute headgears (bands, clips, hats), classy bracelets and anklets...and chunky neckpieces! They are available in streets, boutiques and malls- you can buy according to your choice and budget.

Source |

It may be last on this list but it is the most important factor. Nothing can look more glamorous than playful eyes and a quirky smile. So before going for the New Year party, make sure you’ve got enough rest (because you will be dancing all night). Forget about all the stress and be happy. Lift your spirits up to truly enjoy yourself.


And if you are just chilling at home (alone or with loved ones), make sure you have your favourite movies, fun games and some chocolate cake! Ultimately, what matters is that you enjoy yourself.

Some stores that are have a variety of party-wear attires in Mumbai are:
1. PAX, Colaba Causeway
2. IBIZZA, Linking Road
3. REPLAY CLOTHING, Lokhandwala Complex


Check out the collection of PARTY ANIMALS on to know more about stores that have amazing party wear in Mumbai! If you have got some additional tips or you want to just say “hi”, mail us on Follow our website for more updates on shopping and fashion.

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Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Have a Fashionable Winter

Source |

Fashion is identified with sun and summer, so does that mean we should stay indoors or worse- end up looking boring, during the winter months? Of course not! You can have fun dressing up and staying warm even during this season. Although technically it does not get very cold in Mumbai, Winter Fashion is something we can still flaunt. Here are some tips to stay cute this winter:

Traditionally, sweatshirts were collarless, long-sleeved, oversized cotton pullovers worn by athletes during sports training. From that typical gray gear, it has evolved into colourful “hoodies” with zippers and funky quotes. These days universities, colleges and even society organizations have their own sweatshirts made! Now sweatshirts have a mass market that appeals to youngsters- from collegians to celebrities. They keep you warm, casual and trendy!

Egyptian queens have donned scarves; they have been depicted in Chinese sculptures and glamorized by Victorian ladies. They come in different fabrics (fur, cotton, silk), prints (cartoons, animal prints, etc) and designs. Colourful stoles are available everywhere this season- from local trains and footpaths to boutiques and malls. It is now more of an accessory than a warmth-providing garment. This winter, glam up your plain top with a stole!
Source |

Winters mean gloomy skies, gloomy weather and gloomy trees. What better way to brighten the mood than wearing colourful clothes? Match your blue denims with bright top and floral prints, your plain tops with printed pants. Paint your nails with pretty pinks, apply red lipstick and wear bright shoes and clips. Add some colour to your wardrobe with trendy tops and bottoms!

Popularised by Jughead from the Archie comic book series, they have replaced the usual boring caps. Originally an all-American cap, they now prevail worldwide- amongst both boys and girls.  Beanies can be made of different fabrics and colours. They not only protect from the cold and keep hair off your face; they also add a dab of fashion to your simple look.


I remember wearing pink sweaters knitted by my Mom when I was a kid. Although both sweaters and I have now evolved in terms of fashion, nothing can ever beat the classic sweaters. Pastel sweaters look cute and oversized knits look casual. Now they are no more made by our Mothers and Grandmothers but are available in mainstream fashion stores and endorsed by celebrities.


Striped leg warmers can be paired with shorts and cute ankle socks can add some colour. Winter is also the season of various boots- be it flats or with heels. 

Check out the “Winter Collection” Coming Soon on If you have got some additional tips or you want to just say “hi”, mail us on Follow our website for more updates on shopping and fashion.

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Monday, 7 December 2015

Wardrobe Must-haves Part 1: Edition XY

“You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it”
-Edith Head

We generally focus on women’s wear, often overlooking the trends in men’s fashion. While most styles are temporary, typically lasting for only a few months, some are timeless.  Here are a few items that you must have in your wardrobe:


This is a must have in every wardrobe- irrespective of your age, profession and preferences. These come very handy for quick getaways and travelling. Getting late for college, put them on! Can’t decide what to wear? You can never go wrong with a pair of blue jeans. They should fit you right- neither skinny-fitting, nor super loose.

The best part about black is that it is very versatile. You can pair it with blue, beige or any other colour. Black shirts can not only be worn as formals but also in parties. Black button down gives an effortless appearance which is obviously very intriguing.


You can wear them as undies, you can roam around your house in them. They are the most comfortable night-wear (and even day-wear). These days you find all sorts of prints and designs on boxers- cartoons, comics, funny sayings, innuendos and what not! So if you don’t have any, it is time for you to buy one.



A girl just has to give a second glance at a man in a kurta. Kurtas can be pretty basic (plain or monochromatic) or even elaborate (brightly coloured, with embroidery and designs). So embrace the desi-look and step out in a kurta.



Checks, being a metrosexual pattern, needs to be worn with confidence. Starting from small pieces like checked ties and shorts to shirts and even trousers, this pattern is probably the most common. Available in subtle colour combinations to rather bright ones, you should buy whatever makes you feel comfortable.


A dark t-shirt gives a fresh look. This could be half-sleeved or even full-sleeved; simple round necked or confident V-necked. Although most men aren’t comfortable with bright coloured t-shirts, it should be a part of your wardrobe. They are perfect for small outings, casual games and even day dates!



A sweatshirt is the casual version of a sweater. While giving a grown up look, it also has a rather relaxed attitude. This gives the perfectly approachable and sexy vibe.

Some stores in Mumbai that are exclusively for men’s wear:

As our favourite Don Draper says, “Make it Simple, but Significant”
If you have got some additional tips or you want to just say “hi”, mail us on Follow our website for more updates on shopping and fashion.

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